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Dry Grit Blasting | SodaBlast


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  • Soda Blasting can remove a single layer of paint if required
  • Soda Blasting can remove bitumen from glass and metal
  • Soda Blasting can remove baked on carbon and grease from food equipment
  • Soda Blasting can restore engine frames, wings and parts from the aviation industry
  • Soda Blasting can remove paint and varnish from wood
  • Soda Blasting can remove concrete from glass and metal
  • Soda Blasting can remove grease and oil from engine and hydraulic parts
  • Soda Blasting is great for crack detection on parts and structural joins
  • And Much More!


Dry Grit Blasting

Grit Blasting or Sand Blasting as it sometimes known as, is a form of cleaning using high pressure air from a compressor and an angular grit (sizes vary from ultra fine to course), being forced down a Blast Hose and out of a nozzle directed at the article being cleaned.

This is when the experience of the operator comes into operation as the air pressures and the grit size needed are correct; otherwise damage can be caused to the article or the underlying substrate being cleaned.

  • BRICKWORK AND STONEWORK – General cleaning and paint removal. Precautions have to be adhered to due to the make up to the underlying substrate. In a dust sensitive area or the necessity to keep the dust levels down whilst cleaning brickwork, stone or concrete, we can connect a water injector into the grit / air flow in order to keep the dust levels down.
  • CONCRETE – General cleaning, Paint / Graffiti removal and exposure of the aggregate. Either for aesthetics or adhesion.
  • RENDER and PEBBLEDASH – Removal of old paint work and general cleaning. Usually for re-rendering or re-painting.
  • STEELWORK – Removal of old paint and rust to a standard of Sa2.5. (Clean grey metal) ready for re-painting. Note – a primer has to be applied to the cleaned Metal